About Us



"You put us as much at ease as possible (and you know that was hard with us!). Your follow through and timeliness with communication was also impressive. All in all, it was enjoyable working with you. Thanks for your patience with us! " - Tom and Jo McDonald

Great to Work With

"SWMH Inc has been great to work with. They are very knowledgeable, and have really helped me understand the manufactured building process. They do not just sell you a home, but understand all other aspects including landscaping, layout, and more." - James O'Connor

Enjoyable and Rewarding

"When I first decided to purchase a modular home, I was a little apprehensive. In working with SWMH Inc, they took me through every step. Dealing with the city, creating a design to accommodate my needs, as well as my aesthetic taste. It has been a very exciting process! Thank you for making it so enjoyable and rewarding." - Roberta Bregger

Envy of the Neighborhood

"SWMH Inc created my perfect home, it is everything I will ever need or want. I am the envy of the neighborhood, thank you for creating my dream home! I believe we all need to encourage more conventional and equity funding for this type of housing." - Barbara Brown