Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below you can find more information on the manufactured, modular and prefab home process, industry, and available products. Is your question not here? Contact Us anytime and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

Also browse our Glossary of Key Terms page to learn more about particular items.

How long does it take to build a modular or manufactured home?

Once a building permit is received and a final floor plan is submitted to be built at a factory, the home can be built in as little as 4-6 weeks. Each section of the home is then transported to its final site, where it takes another 2-4 weeks to complete the home on-site including landscaping, building decks, and more. Overall, the building process can take from 90-120 days.

Are modular and manufactured homes the same thing?

While both modular and manufactured homes are prefabricated in a factory, the only significant difference between them are that modular homes are built to local building codes, whereas manufactured homes are built to federal HUD codes. To learn more about the differences between modular and manufactured homes, visit our Key Terms page.

Do all factory-built homes look the same?

No, this is a common misconception that all homes built in a facility must have the same traditional exterior. Browse our gallery to view different exterior finishes possible, including modern, cottage, ranch, and other non-traditional styles.

What types and sizes of homes can you build?

Our products include single family homes, both one and two story, backyard homes, park model homes, multifamily homes, and commercial units. Browse our gallery page for more ideas on the products and homes we offer.

Where are your home building facilities located?

Our office represents multiple facilities whose building locations include Southern California, Northern California, and Arizona.

Can I tour a facility to see how these homes are built?

Yes! If you are interested in manufactured and modular homes, we highly recommend visiting a building facility to learn more about the home building process. Contact us today to schedule a tour at a facility close to you.

How much do these homes cost?

It is very difficult to quote a price for a home without taking the entire home building process into consideration. The cost of a completed home can greatly vary depending on its final location, interior finishes, fixtures, additional structures like garages and decks, site-improvements to its location and more. If you are interested in the base price of a particular home or information on pricing, Contact Us today.

Will banks finance a modular home?

Yes, most banks, appraisers, and insurance companies treat modular homes the same way they would traditional site-built homes. Southwest Manufactured Homes of California is able to offer number financing options for you. Please reference our Home Financing page to fill out a loan aplication and use the mortgage calculator to help determine a monthly payment that is best for your budget.

Can you assist with construction lending?

Yes, we can assist and guide you through the construction loan process. Please refer to our Home Financing page for more information or call us today.

Do you perform pull outs or demos of older homes?

Yes, our office can help demo or remove any older home, both manufactured and traditional, to prepare a site for a new manufactured or modular home.

Are your homes GREEN or environmentally friendly?

All prefab homes, both modular and manufactured, are more GREEN than any site-built home due to their construction process in a facility. Prefab homes require minimal transportation, less materials, and generate less overall waste. There are also many GREEN options and design practices to integrate into a prefab home. To read more about them, visit our GREEN page anytime or Contact Us.

Can your homes be built to WUI Fire standards and have sprinklers?

Modular homes are built complete with fire sprinklers and to the latest Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fire Area Building Standards, using ignition resistant materials and design to prevent catching fire. In the wake of recent fires throughout the county, it is great to know our modular homes are constructed to such standards to protect your home.

What handicap options are available in your homes?

Our homes can be customized with numerous handicap options, including wider doorways and hallways, additional handrails and grab bars, wheelchair ramps, kitchen countertop extensions, rollout shelving in cabinets and seated showers. If there are other handicap accessories or details you wish to include in your home, we are more than willing to accomdate their specifications as much as possible.

If your homes are pre-designed, how do you relate them to my home site?

We believe every property is unique, and it is our goal for a new home to be incorporated to the site in as many ways as possible. Important factors to take into account include house orientation, view corridors, air flow, functionality and land topography. We also highly recommend working with our architect, Mark W Steele, to properly design your property to accommodate the home.

Can you work with my architect or interior designer to custom build my project?

Yes, we are more than willing to work with any architect or designer you have to help build your project. The important thing to consider is that modular construction and design practices can be different than site-built design, so it often requires some familiarity of modular home construction practices to design a home. Usually, we ask your architect or designer to create the initial design of your home and from there we will “translate” the design to a feasible modular structure working with our engineer and manufacturers.

Is there any difficulty in obtaining building permits for a modular or manufactured home?

Generally there are no additional difficulties to obtain a building permit different than there would be for a site-built home. The majority of the home components are based on standard construction requirements, complying with the International Residence Code (IRC)

Before we begin construction of a home, we assist clients with property due diligence and the permit application process, including visiting local planning and building departments to meet their requirements for a new home. Inspections and certification of the home at the manufacturer does mean less on-site building inspections, leading to a faster occupancy certification.

Where can I find more information about manufactured home communities and their locations?

Our office can help provide information about manufactured home communities throughout Southern California to fit your needs. The main factors which differentiate communities are whether they have age restrictions (55+ communities) and if the land can be owned or must be rented.