There is no single rigid formula for building a green home. It requires a sliding scale approach, based on the home’s site, your budget, the local climate, and many other factors. Regardless of these issues, all factory-built homes are inherently green, and we leave the choice of how green up to you. We can build an eco-friendly home in almost any size and style!

Why Factory-Built Homes are an Eco-Friendly Solution

Construction in an Enclosed, Air-Filtered Environment

Excess Materials Used From One Home to Another

Tight Construction and Building Envelope to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Noise

Less Property Disturbance and Impact on Neighborhood with Off-Site Construction

Less Waste Generated

Minimal Noise and Air Pollution

Minimal Transportation to Site by Subcontractors and Material Deliveries

Includes Materials with Increased Longevity and Reduced Maintenance

Benefits of a Green Home

Lower Utility Bills

Easier Overall Maintenance

Less Water Waste

Reduced Greenhouse Gas & CO-2 Emissions

Improved Water and Indoor Air Quality

Higher Home Resale Value

Less Impact on the Environment