The Process

Phase IV: Permit Processing & Home Construction

During Phase IV, SWMH, Inc. will process the permits for your new home with the local municipalities. This includes permit applications, detailed drawings, plan check, reviews, and consultation with Building, Engineering, and Planning Departments. This process can vary in length, depending on the corrections and revisions received by the different departments. Once a final building permit is received, construction for your new home will begin at the factory. 

Preparation of your site will then begin at your property, including demolition, soils testing, utility improvements, grading, and other work that may be required for the new home. Separate permits may also be required for this work, which can also be handled by SWMH, Inc.. It is at this time that the foundation for your new home is also prepared, as most site-work will occur simultaneously to construction of the new home in the factory, to ensure that the site is ready for the delivery of the new home. This is a large advantage of using the factory-built process.