The Process

Preliminary Conceptual Design

After initial consultation, we will work with you on a preliminary design for your home. The earlier we are involved in the design process, the more efficient and successful we will be at determining what size, type, and design of home can be accommodated at your location, as well as structurally and to your aesthetics.

We will gladly provide a few initial designs so you can better understand modular home floor plans, but will limit the design work to a basic floor plan until a complete property assessment is performed. This is due to the fact that information provided during the assessment can often change the initial home design as a result of restrictions and requirements for the property location.

SWMH, Inc. will then supply a cost estimate based on the initial concept of your drawings and standardized specifications. The purpose of this estimate is to help you determine the feasibility of using the factory-built process. This will be an estimate only, and will be subject to changes as the design and specifications become more developed.