Phase I: Property Assessment

Once a property is located and decided upon, SWMH, Inc. requires a $4,500 non-refundable payment to begin the first phase of your project.

This payment will allow us to begin consultation with local city or county municipalities, including Planning, Building, and Engineering Departments, to fully understand the buildable requirements for your property. These Departments will also provide us with the following property information critical to building your new home:

  • Setback Measurements
  • Parking Requirements
  • Height Restrictions
  • Lot Coverage Ratios
  • Zoning Restrictions
  • Design Requirements & Restrictions
  • Estimates of City & County Impact Fees
  • Applicable City Ordinances & Codes
  • Building Permit Requirements
  • Tests, Maps, & Plans Required or Available for Review (grading, soils, etc) 

With this information, we will be able to provide a dimensioned lot layout for your property, as well as an initial estimate for the overall cost of your home to include installation, site improvements, and factors contributing to the overall project. We can also provide a more accurate timeline for the building permit process for your project.

This phase will take approximately two to three weeks depending upon the complexity of the project.