Phase II: Design & Engineering

Once a complete property assessment is performed, it will then be time to fully design your home using the information from Phase I.  Clients may work with our office to draft a custom-designed floor plan with their preferences, or they may select a pre-designed floor plan offered by our manufacturers (see homes page of our website for a few pre-designed floor plan ideas). Clients may also choose to use a pre-designed floor plan as a starting point and modify it to their liking, within the boundaries of modular construction.

It is during this phase that home specifications and design selections will be required for inclusion in the plan, such as window and door types, ceiling heights, appliance sizes, and other fixtures to be accommodated by the floor plan design. These selections will allow us to separate items which will be installed at the factory from those which will be built on site. Design selections to be incorporated at the factory from paint colors to tile selection will be decided at this time.

It is also during Phase II that you will work with our architect to fully develop your floor plan and adapt the home to the overall property. This includes focus on exterior additions, such as garages, decks, driveways, and landscaping, and drafting the overall property layout in addition to the home floor plan design.

A detailed scope of work will be then be developed that clearly outlines the responsibilities of Swmhomes and the Owner.  This will be used to arrive at the final design and specification package that will be built for your project. At the end of Phase II, clients will have a buildable set of plans ready to submit for a building permit, and will be ready to move into a contract with Swmhomes. The time frame for this phase can vary depending on the decisions made by the client.