Phase V: Delivery, Set, & Final Completion

Construction of your new home at the factory ordinarily takes just 4-6 weeks. Upon completion of the home and inspection by SWMH, Inc. at the factory, your home will be transported to your site for installation. The home will then be set on its foundation and finished on site. This process ordinarily takes 3-4 weeks to complete, including the assembly of all modules, utility hookups, and other preparations required to complete the home.

Additional site-work and installations will also be performed at this time, including finishes in the home unable to be performed at the factory, and exterior additions such as garages and decks. Other additions including pouring driveways and landscaping are also performed at this time, for a final completion to your project.  After all on-site inspections completed and passed, you will then be ready to move into your new home!