Frequently Asked Questions

Why Factory-Built Construction?

Factory-Built Construction is a good neighbor building process that also makes good business sense.

Cost Efficiency
  • Less overall labor required
  • Fewer mistakes and job-site risks
  • - Uses fewer materials and produces less waste
Quality Control
  • Minimizes exposure of building materials to the elements
  • Greater control over construction schedule and budget
Shorter Construction Time
  • Built, delivered, and finished in only 90-120 days
  • Shorter construction time reduces holding costs
  • Creates less time to bridge in terms of financing
High Quality Value
  • Costs 20-30% less than stick-built structures of comparable size and features
  • Greater durability and performance
Environmentally Friendly
  • Minimal sound and air pollution
  • Less transportation to site by subcontractors and material deliveries
  • Construction in an enclosed, air-filtered environment
  • Less impact on the neighborhood with most construction off-site

Click the graph below to expand a Construction Timeline of Factory-Built v. Site Built: